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My name is Jon Yetter, I’m a freelance designer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area working with clients large and small, local and across the country for the last five years. I design creative graphics and effective websites. My designs are centered around the needs and goals of your business, ensuring that you end up with a completely custom solution. I have a strong background in and love for branding, print, web and mobile design. To get a bit more technical, I’m well versed in CMYK, iOS UI / UX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and a variety of CMS content management systems like WordPress, Shopify & Craft CMS.

Recent Projects

KickOff iOS App
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Why SEO Rarely Works...

Say SEO and people automatically picture boatloads of free traffic from search engines which can turn their business into an internet sensation overnight. Unfortunately, much of the information about SEO which is doing the rounds out there is just pure myth.