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Multidisciplinary Freelance Designer

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My name is Jon Yetter, I’m a freelance designer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area working with clients large and small, local and across the country for the last five years. I design memorable brands, easy to use products and clean responsive websites. I work with my clients to understand the needs and goals of their project to ensure that I can deliver a custom design solution tailored to those needs.  I have a strong background in and love for branding, print, web and mobile design. 

Recent Projects

Stool Pigeon Game Branding / Game Design
Golden Hills Community Church Web Design / Dev Dutchman Doors Website / Marketing Materials CARE Real Estate Logo Design / Branding
The Sheer Importance of Local Search

It's better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in the sea, goes a popular rather timeless saying. And there are plenty of historical precedents that prove this too. Facebook for instance, started off as a Harvard only website, open only to students. The site expanded from one college to another until it became a raging success across, after which, it was opened to general public.