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5 Reasons Why it’s Always Worth Investing in Professional Design

If you’re looking to refresh your brand, or have a new website created, you may be wondering if investing your time and money in professional graphic design is worth it. Especially if you’re on a budget.

Professional design ensures your brand and business is presented correctly, consistently and on trend to all of your potential clients. Here are 5 reasons why you should always trust in the professionals and invest in professional design, no matter the size of your project and budget.

1 - Keep Your Brand Modern and On Trend

Brands often refresh their image. Even if it’s just a small or simple change like a different font, or more muted colour pallet, refreshing brand image is important. It goes a long way to keep them on trend and relevant to their audience

Design is what helps a brand stand out against their competitors. The more current a brand appears, the more appealing they are to potential customers. A simple logo update can open you up to a whole new audience, as well as create excitement amongst your current and long-term customers. When design is done correctly, a new look can help you appeal directly to the people you’re trying to encapture the most.

A professional graphic designer can help you bridge the gaps between what the data is telling you, your business goals, and your brand image.

2 - Design and Image are the Sales Pitch of any Business

Design is a businesses first impression. From logos and letter-heads, to websites and social media - design is the first point of customer engagement. As such, it needs to accurately portray your brand to your audience.

Good design goes a long way to building audience trust and portraying a business as an industry leader. As well as being a key factor in a consumer's decision to use a particular brand, or not. Take websites, for example. A badly designed website - one that is complicated to navigate, difficult to read, and/or looks out-dated - can often lead to potential customers being turned off buying the products or services as they do not trust the business.

3 - Effectively communicate your Brand Message

When you work with a designer, there will likely be a meeting where you discuss not only your ideas for your branding, but also the business itself. Good designers will want to know your business inside out; goals, target audience, tone, USP’s etc. By giving them a clear insight into what you want your business to achieve, the designer will be able to create graphic branding that will accurately and effectively communicate your brand message.

4 - Graphic Designers have Years of Study and Experience - Use it.

Just like you know your business inside and out, designers know their profession inside and out. Not only do many graphic designers have the talents to elevate your brand through image, they also have years of studying and experience under their belts. They are experts in colour, balance, contrast and scale. As well as when it comes to using various design software.

If your car was to break down, you would take it to a trained mechanic. The same goes for your business; when you need a brand image, take it to a trained graphic designer. They are the right people for the job, and will help you elevate your business above your competition.

5 - Good Design Stays in the Mind

No brand wants to be forgotten. In fact a key part of marketing is to stay memorable, so people who may not need your services and products right now will remember you when they do. Our brains remember visual clues, which is why good design will help your brand sick in people's minds. This is especially true if your brand colours ring true to your industry - think green for money/finance. This is another thing a professional designer will be able to help and advise you on.

In Summary, Professional Graphic Design is Always Worth the Investment

Think how many marketing and brand messages you’re inundated with every day. Emails, social media, general advertising etc. People have a short attention span than ever before for new brands and business. As such, you want your brand to stand out against the competition for all the right reasons.

First impressions count, and if branding design isn’t consistent, modern and tonally correct - you’re not going to get another chance to entice new customers.

As a freelance professional graphic and web designer, I can help you elevate your business with creative, clever and unique design. Investing in professional design is one of the first steps in taking your business and brand to the next level.