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5 Benefits of Working with a Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

When searching for a graphic and web designer, to build or freshen up your website, there are several benefits of working with a freelance designer rather than a design company.

As freelancers tend to work on their own, they are far more flexible than a traditional web design company and there is a high chance that you’ll find the perfect person to help create your website.

Here are 5 reasons why choosing a freelance web designer is your best option.

1 - Cost

As they work independently, most freelancers have far less overhead costs to cover. This is often directly passed on to their clients in the form of savings. When you hire a freelancer, you know all you are paying for is the cost of their time and any resources or software. Rather than any extras that get factored in when you hire the services of a company.

2 - Speed

Again, due to their independence, unlike in a large firm, a freelance designer only has themselves to coordinate. This enables them to work faster and make quicker decisions, and simplify the entire process for you as the client. Additionally, as there are no office hours to content with, there is always the possibility of them working longer hours to get your project finished in record time - of course you may have to pay a rush fee for this added extra.

3 - Consistency

While freelancers are specialists in their fields, it is likely that they are also well-versed in many skills in order to complete projects to a high standard for their clients. If you hire a freelancer website designer, they are likely to not only complete the graphic design but also photography, UX design and more. Having the focus of one person means every aspect of design and tone will be consistent, and function fluidly together.

4 - Communication

When you hire a freelancer they become your one contact source for your project. There's no wasted time dealing with different departments and chasing answers. Instead you get direct communication and less hassle.

5 - Quality

When it comes to design work, personal taste can of course vary. So to ensure you get a finished product that you’re happy with you should always check a freelancers or agencys portfolio before you hire them. It is always worth remembering that the size of the business has no correlation to the quality of the work delivered, especially in the design world. When it comes to freelancers, their portfolio is a direct extension of themselves, where as a company portfolio is an extension of all of their staff. If you want to be sure of the outcome, you want to be sure of who is working on your project. Which is only possible when you choose to hire a freelancer.

In summary…

There are many benefits to working with a freelance graphic and web designer. Not only do they promise direct communication, reduced overhead costs and flexible schedules, you can also guarantee quality and consistent work.