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4 Simple Ways To Write Effective Website Copy

Website copywriting can be a complicated process, especially when you’re selling a service or product. You need to make sure your words are entertaining, so as to engage your audience, but not at the expense of the specific details about what you’re selling.

Toeing the line between informative and uninteresting is a difficult job in all industries. Luckily, there are a few basic steps you can take to make sure your website copy is effective.

1. Break it Up

When it comes to best copywriting practices, it’s always good to avoid big walls of text, no matter what type of copy. Long paragraphs are daunting to the reader, and boring! It will immediately make them switch off and go back to google to see if one of your competitors is easier to understand. Just think about how you react to different websites when searching a topic. Breaking text up doesn’t just mean paragraphs, think about bullet points, numbered lists and images. Anything that makes it easier to digest.

2. Keep it Simple

No matter what industry your website is focused on, not everyone who lands on your site will be familiar with all of the aspects - but that doesn’t mean you need to leave the technical out completely. There’s nothing wrong with replacing ‘technical’ terms with more common alternatives, or even placing quick definitions in brackets. As you write, always keep in mind the simplest way to express yourself. It will help keep your audience engaged, while not losing the message of the text.

3. Make it Personal to the Reader

Talking directly to the reader is a very common copywriting tip, but always worth mentioning. Some people feel uncomfortable talking directly to the reader, or think it should be left to blogs not website home pages. But it’s a trick that makes all the difference to all types of copy, especially if you’re trying to get them to complete a CTA. Using ‘you’ engages the reader by holding their attention, and remember - you’re more likely to read on when something feels personal.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Funny

In 2020, websites are needed for all businesses, industries and niches - even the really dry ones. However, just because a topic is ‘dull’ doesn’t mean the copy should be too. A good website should be interesting and informative about any subject. When used in the right places, humour can be very persuasive and help to keep the reader engaged in the topic. Just make sure you consider the brand and topic fully before you start to write - you don’t want to come across as completely unprofessional.

By following these four simple copywriting tips, you’ll be able to create website copy that is effective and (more importantly) helps you sell!